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AFP110 Summer dusk over Devil's Chair

Devils chair dusk
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AFP110 Summer dusk over the Devil's Chair, Stiperstones Shropshire

Shropshire Landscape greeting card.

Photography by Andrew Fusek Peters

“I was mithering at home contemplating a dull evening of  TV, when a friend facebooked me to say he was on a sunset shoot at the Devil’s Chair.  I needed no persuading to grab kit and rush out.  The light was spectacular, especially after sunset, when I caught this iconic quartzite rock outcrop, much shatttered into ankle-bending scree during and after the last ice age. Even better, as I walked home, a bird was hovering next to the track a few yards away and making a strange churring noise.  It was my first ever encounter with a nightjar, a perfect finish to a beautiful evening. Published in the Guardian.”

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127 x 177mm, blank inside

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