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First Barnsley Miners Wives Action Group Banner Greeting Card

Barnsley Banner front
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The First Barnsley Miners Wives Action Group Banner Greeting Card

Designed by Betty Cook. It was painted and made in 1984 by David Andrassy, using acrylics on cotton fabric.

On the front of the banner, the pick and shovel represents the coal industry. The dove of peace reflects involvement with the Greenham Common women’s peace camp.

Betty explains the back of the banner (click on Product Gallery below), “Jean McCrindle was instrumental in organising and supporting the women in their completely new role. Percy Riley stood every week in Sheffield collecting for the striking miners and the women who were running the soup kitchens.”

Betty comments “It was an honour to carry it. We took it everywhere we went." Anne Scargill adds "It was too precious to take on picket lines. They would have wrecked it and brayed us about the ears with it."




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