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John Rhodes

In the thick of it (£2.99)

Total votes: 9
GN Spider

Basil Davenport in GN Spider (£2.99)

Total votes: 10
Bugattis and Bentley

Bugattis and Bentley (£2.99)

Total votes: 13
Fiat Abarths

Fiat Abarths (£2.99)

Total votes: 10
Ford Anglia

Ford Anglia John Fitzpatrick 1967 (£2.99)

Total votes: 8
Ron Footit

Ron Footit AC/GN Special (£2.99)

Total votes: 11

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Best Sellers

Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson (£0.65)

Total votes: 133
Women's coronation procession

The Women's Coronation Procession 1911 (£0.65)

Total votes: 307
Vegetarian greeting card

Vegetarian Einstein (£1.99)

Total votes: 161
Dykes badge

I Love Dykes (£1.00)

Total votes: 123